Out to lunch: February’s MHR

OK, I know it’s more than halfway through February already. But it’s taken me a few weeks to decide what my MHR for this month is going to be.

To recap – MHRs are monthly habit resolutions. They are my answer to year after year of broken new year’s resolutions. Read why here.

My January MHR was to drink more water. That was it. No resolutions about exercise or food or alcohol or smoking or setting up a third world orphanage. Just drink more water.

And because it was so easy I did it. It was great. The unexpected upside of drinking more water was that I felt healthier and as a result a few other things have crept into my routine – a bit of yoga, a bit more running, a bit less junk food. It’s like the reversal of the snowball of sloth.

I’ve ummed and ahhed about what to do in February. But finally I’ve decided. For the rest of February I’m going to eat a better lunch.

My usual lunch when I’m busy is a coffee, or a yoghurt, or a bowl of cereal. Really just anything I don’t have to chew. I don’t have time to chew. Which is ridiculous.

But the last couple of days I’ve had a proper lunch. A proper break from whatever I’m doing to make a proper lunch, and sit down with it, and chew it properly.

And as a result, I’ve felt better later in the day. Which makes perfect sense.

Before I was going from breakfast pretty much through to dinner time – which could be up to 13 hours later – without eating anything substantial. By mid to late afternoon I was really tired and hungry, and ok, possibly ever so slightly grumpy, but still didn’t have time to sit down and eat anything. So I’d graze and snack my way through to dinner time. And often not on healthy food.

So. MHR: For what’s left of February as well as drinking more water, I will be eating lunch every day.

 “Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.”
Orson Welles

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